How to spice up your Barbecue presentation

With BBQ season now in full swing, you may be thinking about how to make your very own outdoor soiree stand out from the rest. Whilst delicious food, free flowing drinks and a delightful atmosphere are a given, the way in which you present your food can make a real difference. Take a look at these top presentation ideas to help you turn a standard BBQ into a sophisticated al fresco affair.


A great way to elevate the presentation of your food is to try using your sauces and garnishes to decorate your dishes.

Starting with a shiny white plate, use a squeezy bottle with a fine nozzle to draw interesting patterns and shapes onto its surface with English mustard, tomato ketchup or barbecue sauce, before delicately placing your food on top - not only will this add to your food’s flavour, but it’s also an innovative way to brighten up your plain tableware.


Using layers to give your outdoor dining table a sense of depth is another top tip for changing the way you present your BBQ food, and will also add a sense of fun to the proceedings.

This can be as simple as stacking your sauce jars in pyramids, using platforms to raise your crystal clear glasses or even using a regular tiered cake stand to present your burgers and buns.

Layering your place settings can also add a whole new dimension to your table, so think about placing your plates on mats or turning your napkins into pockets to house your cutlery.


Whilst barbecues have come to be synonymous with doughy baps and slightly charred sausages, there’s no reason why you can’t be inventive with old favourites and spice things up with something slightly different.

Likewise, traditional coleslaw can be given a new lease of life by adding pomegranate seeds and peeled, sliced orange segments – and you can freshen up your guests’ palates by serving a Norwegian version of raita; a delicious cucumber and yoghurt side dish. Take a look at our Homemade Raita Recipe if you’d like to try it out for yourself.So, rather than opting for traditional baps, why not offer guests a choice of olive focaccia rolls, French batons, pittas or even sourdough rolls. You can present artisan bread in a rustic wicker basket and invite guests to pick their own bread of choice.


Incorporating nature into the presentation of both your food and drinks is a great idea, and this will really bring a summery feel to your BBQ.

With drinks, try decorating your crystal clear glassware with sprigs of mint and fruit slices, or even try replacing your usual ice cubes with frozen fruit segments.

Your table can also benefit from a splash of natural beauty, and using twigs, leaves and flowers to create your centrepiece is a simple yet effective option.